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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  November 17, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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schmitt. >> and i'm shiba rustle. you may remember the girl sitting on a bench, part of the building came crumble ing down. >> we have a report that shows warnings leading up o her death were ignored and one person who said the building was safe lied, katherine creag is in lower manhattan with more this afternoon, kat. >> reporter: and we talked with the department of investigation commissioner, shiba and rob, and the very first question would that little girl, that two-year-old child be alive today if the proper inspections had been done? if the proper work had been made on that building in west end avenue near 74th street. the doy kmirgs just minutesing atold us this. >> obviously it is no way to know with certainty whether she would be alive today, but what we know is there were multiple opportunities to prevent this
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tragedy. >> reporter: a news 4 investigates has learned between february of '05 and '07, the building was fined for not filing an inspection report. and then in february of 2011, a private engineer wrote on a report the faa faa sad was safe without ever visiting the building. the department is never notified, in october of 2014, a private consultant notifies the department of buildings of a scary crack. warns the do fworks get someone over quickly. the dob acknowledges the warning, but does nothing. according to to the city department of investigation, seven months later, two-year-old greta green was killed when debris fell on her. her grandmother suffered injuries, but survived. they were sits on a bench spending time together. news 4 learned that the private inspector accused of falsifying the report back in 2011.
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to police, and he's now here in manhattan, his arraignment is scheduled to happen later today. we will cover the core proceeding as well. reporting live in lower manhattan, katherine creag, news 4 new york. >> scary, kat, thank you. it was a bomb. today definitive proof that the russian jet that crashed in egypt was brought down by an explosive. kerry barrett has monitored this developing story all morning, kerry. >> a lot going on, rob, conflicting reports out of the egypt. the ministry of interior, despite earlier reports now says that nobody's been arrested in connection with that russian plane crash last month. there were reports that two sharm el sheikh employees were arrested for helping put a bomb on board. the biggest news today, russian officials saying it was in fact a bomb that brought that plane down. confirmation of what was feared the most, russian security officials saying this plane crash was an act of terror.
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a homemade explosive device, a bomb brought down the russian jetliner last month over the sinai desert killing all 224 people on board. experts found traces of explosives, specifically tnt, an on-board bomb explains why it was so scattered. they believe it contained a little more than two pounds of explosives. and russian officials tests reveal reveal it was made outside of russia. isis claimed responsibility immediately afterward with video and audio posts online saying it was retaliation from the bombing campaign in syria. vladimir putin says he'll stop at nothing to hunt these terrorists down wherever they're hiding and punish them. $50 million reward leading to information about who brought it down. they only learned about the results todayed. they shied away from endorsing the conclusion. saying only they would keep it
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in mind as their technical investigation continues. rob, shiba. kerry, thank you. and on the same week that france's president meets with vladimir putin, he'll also travel to washington to meet with president obama. >> he's seeking international support in the fight against isis after the deadly attacks in paris. there is a lot to get to at this noon. we are just learning that french officials are searching for a second fugitive directly related to the attacks. also today, secretary of state john kerry travelled to paris to meet with president hollande and showle to darety. france carries out more air strikes in syria. >> and security remains hot. >> after reopening yesterday, the eiffel tower closed again today. this is a live look at the landmark now just after 6:00 p.m. there. no specific reason given, but authorities eluded to the current situation in the city. armed guards patrolled near the belgian consulate in paris this morning.
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>> david ushery is in france with more on that show of force. >> reporter: i want to show you really in the shadow of the monument is the belgian embassy. we've been reporting about all of the raids going nonbelgian, that country a part of the story. sustained security presence, however, we have seen troops move back and forth. we have video to show you. we saw some earlier walking by and patrolling. one citizen of paris told us, here we're used to plain clothesed officers, and we know who they are. and in fact as we looked around the area earlier today, we spotted a few as well. also in the area, we came a across a man who lives in chelsea but comes twice a year with his wife. here's what he told me. >> never concerns about our safety, our children have been texting, come home, come home, and we said no. there's no reason to come home. we were in new york for 9/11, very close. i actually watched the second building go down from my roof because i have -- well, it doesn't matter --
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>> reporter: do you think that gives you inner resolve? >> i just think that god, i hate to be so trite, but there's no place safe. if something's going to happen, it's going to happen. you cannot protect yourself. period. >> reporter: so later on news 4, we'll hear more from him and other new yorkers living here or visiting. we'll get their thoughts about what's been happening. back to you. >> david, thank you. new jersey governor chris christie is among the growing number of republican governors opposing syrian refugees entering the united states on a conservative radio show, the gop candidate said he would not let them in if he were president, not even quote, orphans under the age of five. connecticut governor dan in a malloy says his state will accept the refugees. governor cuomo has not spoken about the issue for new york. one blue state joined the list, new hampshire's governor is a democrat. this is new at noon, and on this week before thanksgiving, a huge fire has left eight
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families in north brunswick without a home. started just after 8:00 this morning in a bedroom of an apartment in the willow brook apartments. and within minutes, the fire spread to eight apartments and was shooting out of the roofs. two firefighters were injured, though not seriously when a section collapsed right on top of them. >> the fire did travel quickly. it did have a long jump on us before we were able to get water on to it. within the first few minutes, arrive and heavy fire through the roof through the entire structure. >> it's sad that it's during the holiday. without a home. so it's just really sad. >> the red cross is now at the scene helping residents find a place to stay. and three people were injured in this two-alarm fire in forest hills queens. chopper 4 was above the building shortly after the fire began on the sixth floor. this was around quarter to 6:00 this morning. three people were injured, one is in critical condition. police are searching for three men in the bronx, possibly
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security guards in connection with a baseball bat attack. surveillance video shows one of the men chasing the 56-year-old victim and striking him several times. as the victim tries to shield himself. the attack happened early sunday in front of the victim's home. you can see the word security written on the backs of all three shirts building employees tell news 4 the tenant was coming home from a nearby bill yard hall when the men followed him. and as you might expect, this video came as a shock. >> we checking the video, stumbled on to this, and this barbaric act, you know, where they just, you know, this guy with a bat is just beating down this, the tenant. >> well, it's not clear if the three men worked at that bill yard hall. police are asking anyone with nofgs call crime stoppers 1-800-577-tips. and coming up next here at noon, after charlie sheen admits he has hiv, what he did after the diagnosis that riskd lives and cost him millions.
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the magic has beenavappening all year here at macy's studio in new jersey, i'm tracie strahan with your preview of this year's floats and the important test that they have to pass today. and chilly enough for you this morning? it was cold. but we've got real changing in the forecast. that radar is going to get real busy. we'll tell you when the rain is on its way.
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after rumors and speculation after charlie sheen is telling the world he has hiv. sheen so the down with an interview on the "today" show. he was diagnosed four years ago after suffering cluster headaches. after his diagnosis, he says he did hire prostitutes and told them about the virus. he says many of those women then extorted him. >> are you still paying some much these people? >> um, not after today, i'm not. i think i, i released myself from this prison, today. >> sheen says he doesn't know how he contracted the virus. he's also taking medication using protection so he doesn't pass on the virus tobonyone else. new at noon, thousands of new yorkers will have a chance to clear their records of outstanding warrants with no range strings attached. this saturday in harlem, residents who have open summons for littering, smaller offenses, can have those charges dismissed. the offer from manhattan
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district attorney comes one month after he and two judges faced a lot of criticism for allowing accused cop-killer tyrone howard to enter drug diversion instead of jail. warnlts like this cannot b wiped clean. >> these are individuals who are facing at most a fine. they have ridden bicycles on the street or littered, and so, it's a very different playing field that we're discussing here. these individuals are not facing jail time. >> well the event saturday is at the soul-saving station church on west 124th street. the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade is only nine days away now. >> can you believe that? bu if you can't wait to see the featured floats, you are in luck, tracie strahan got a sneak preview. >> reporter: this looks like a field trip, and a fun one at that, not only are 500 school kids getting a previewbef the ghthanksgiving day parade, they're doing some learning in the
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process. snoopy was all hugs and smiles as he showed off his new digs from kids at robert craig elementary school. his is one of six new floats created by 26 artists and engineers from macy's studio, but these kids came armed with questions like, how do they get through the lincoln tunnel. >> first they have to take it rough the lincoln tunnel. it can't be more than 12 feet long, so they took some stuff apart. >> they have to build these things so they can collapse and come apart and push in and fold up, and get down to no more than eight and a half feet wide, no more than 12 and a half feet tall, every float could, if it had to, go through the toll booth at the lincoln tunnel. >> reporter: more than three and a half million will get a look at the build a bear float. and the holiday countdown graced by mariah carrie.
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the sneak peek was aimed at bringing classroom lessons to life. >> not only how beautiful and fanciful, but science, tech nol, engineering, and math come into play when we're putting them together. >> reporter: they'll be part of a fleet of 27. the year-long process from blueprint to mold, to reality, nearly complete. but today, kids say the fact that be they know what went into creating them will make it even more enjoyable. >> i'm going to be thinking that should i tell my family what's, what the blimps are or just keep it a secret? >> reporter: tracie strahan, news 4 new york. >> it's going to be good. you can watch the macy's thanksgiving day parade a week from thursday at 9:00 a.m., right here on nbc 4. >> i say tell the family. pretty cool field trip for any kid. >> sure. in today's money report, the struggling company that may be your best bet for black friday deals. >> that's right, bill griffith from the global headquarters with that and a check on the
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markets, bill. >> yeah, name from the past, i'll tell you about it the in a second. first another rally under way following on yesterday's rally, few things, retailers like walmart and tjx had pretty good earnings out this the morning, oil prices continue higher, and there's a growing sentiment that the fed's going have to raise rates. dow's at 17,587. here's the reason they're thinking the feds are going to raise rates. consumer prices rose for the first time in three months last month. the consumer price index says it was up .2%, food and energy cost went up, but so did airline fares, for example, just ahead of the holidays, and this is very important. the federal reserve keeps an eye on these consumer price reports because as prices go higher, they're going to have to raise rates. and if like air fares with if they county moving higher here, the fed's going to have to raise rates for the first time in a decade and they meet next month. that's coming up pretty soon here.
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recently about various retailers plans for black friday. here's another one, that would be radio shack. yes, that radio shack. the company that filed for bankruptcy last february and sold off a majority of its stores is making a comeback of sorts. it is now a smaller company with roughly 1700 stores around the country, its black friday sale begins the wednesday before thanksgiving. and they'll be open late that wednesday night, and then unlike many retailers who plan to open after dinner on thanksgiving for black friday, radio shack will be opened for breakfast on thanksgiving. from 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. so you get your shopping done, and then you can go have thanksgiving dinner after that. so yeah, this is their coming out party. regular shack is making a comeback of sorts and we'll see how they do. >> fantastic nudes for radio -- news for radio shack workers. >> in a couple of years, it'll be black november. >> winter or something. >> yeah. >> black year.
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how about that? >> bill, thanks so much. >> see you tomorrow. i think my eyes are seeing things, is it really 47 degrees outside, dave? >> 47 degrees outside, we have a little bit of a breeze to we have some big changes in the forecast as we go through the next several zblaps little rain? >> little rain, more than a liaittle rain, shiba, it's going to be a lot of rain. let's look at timesquare, that nstruction site right there. a lot going on. people trying to get everything done before the rain comes in our direction as we head into thursday. let's take a look at the numbers right now. 47 degrees, if you're dressed right, this is absolutely beautiful weather. gorgeous sunshine out there. so se ny and chilly for the day, cls?ouds increase tomorrow, especially during the second half of the day. and then we have a soaker on our hands, thursday into the second half of the day, and then through the overnight, and we'll clear out by the time we get to friday and we're back to dry conditions. right now around the area, hoboken, 49 degrees, 48 in jackson heights and 15 green ridge.
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temperatures as you head to monticello and surks ssex. so let's put the maps in motion, talk about what's going to be happening. almost day by day. we begin taeld with bright and crisp weather. typical fall day for this time of the year. 50 degrees, plenty of sunshine out there and a breeze off the ocean. then as we head into tonight, we see those late high clouds begin to build. temperatures back down into the 40s. cooler than that into the suburbs, and as you head to the a north and westing with chilliere than that. then tomorrow, clouds build through the morning. we may see a peek of sunshine, not during the second half of the day, then during the late part of the day, drizzle develops. 56 degrees. still al breeze in the air, and then thursday, this is when things get bad. second half of the day, that's when we see upwards of an inch or more of rain begin to fall on the area. a heavy, cansistent presence with winds again, still doing their share of work in our
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friday and saturday, we dry out, but we cool down. into the lower 50s, and we're going to see a gusty, breezy friday. so that 55 is going to feel more like 50 or into the upper 40s. a decent saturday though. let's put the seven-day forecast in front of you to take a look at and take notes as you see fit. 63 on thursday. again, warmer air, but still windy and heavy rains rolling in our direction. friday, we dry out, and then as we head into the weekend. saturday, the hit of the weekend and then maybe some showers coming back into the picture as we head into sunday. let's quick look at your forecast, folks, back to you. get those umbrellas ready. >> thank you. new york live is up next at 12:30. here ear sara and jackie. >> listen, coming up here, we're getting in the thanksgiving spirit with a few mash-ups you can only find in new york. isn't that delicious? show you how these eateries with putting a twist on favorite foods. >> holy cow. i was like wow, look at that sandwich.
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from the new film carol to taking on the o.j. trial if television, we are talking with emmy nominated actress sarah paulson right here at 12:30. mesmerized by the food. >> hard to talk when you're drooling. >> i'll be here, waiting. still ahead ear on news 4 new york at noon. the one item got a traveler got
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a georgia man says he brought a loaded gun through security and on to a plane without anyone stopping him. blake alfred claims he forgot he had the weapon in his carry-on and despite putting his bag through an x-ray machine, he made it to his hotel in chicago without realizing the mistake. the tsa is investigating the incident. been a rough year for the tsa.
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kicks off today kicks off the cares for goat drive. >> large, try that on. >> part of the event. the kickoff of this event this morning. nbc is a proud media partner of this event. new yorkers urged to donate now through december 31st, new coats, gently used coats all welcomed, you can drop them off at police precincts, columbus circle, grand central terminal and many public libraries as well. >> yeah. >> kids grow up so fast, going through coats, just donate them, it's easy.
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tonight at 5:00, our team coverage of the terror in paris continues with david ushery live in france. >> french officials are searching for a second fugitive. also hear from new yorkers in paris to get their perspective. have a great day. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, t t you may know it only covers about 80% t t of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicarep p supplement insurance plans, it could save younin out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. ri've been with my doctor for 12 years. r now i know i'll be able to stick with him. [ male announcer ]rrr
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